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Letters Of Support – Done Right

Letters of support can seem like an “add-on” and you may even wonder if they really make a difference. We’re here to say they do. Quality letters of support can help you get a “yes” verdict on your grant application. Keep reading to find out what makes a letter of support really stand out. What […]

The 3 Greatest Fears Of Grant Writers

Fear may be too strong a word to use, but every grant writer has a level of angst, concern, or doubt when it comes to grant writing… even if it’s buried deep down in their sub-conscious. It’s not fun to feel afraid. In life, we deal with fears all the time. It may be snakes, […]

Hot Tips From Savvy Grant Writers

I love getting my hands on grants written by other grant writers. It’s a fascinating way to learn new tips, tricks, and different ways of approaching grant application questions. I’m also fortunate that, through my work at GrantsEdge, I get to hear about how hundreds of other grant writers approach grant writing. Today, I’m sharing […]

The Inside Scoop From A Successful Grant Writer

Type into Google anything related to “learning from successful people,” and you’ll be overwhelmed with options… about 45,000,000 pages to be exact. There is no doubt that many of us have an appetite for knowing what successful people do to achieve their success. If we can avoid a few rough patches and speed up our […]